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The Inniskillings Museum website has two features built into it to help improve accessibility for web users who may require larger text or who may need to use a screen reader.

Accessibility Features:

  1. Text Resizer.
    On the right hand side of the site under the search bar you will see the “Resize Text:” and 3 sizes of the letter ‘A’. This feature allows you to increase or decrease the size of the text on the site. Smallest ‘A’  will reduce the size, the largest will increase the size and the centre ‘A’ will restore the text to its default size.
  2. Access Keys
    The website uses a series of Access Keys which allow the user to navigate around the website without the need of a mouse. To activate this feature use the following keys (on your keyboard) plus the number stated in the list below:
  • Internet Explorer: Alt
  • Mozilla Firefox:  Alt + ⇧ Shift
  • Google Chrome: Alt resp.  Ctrl + Option (on Mac)
  • Opera: ⇧ Shift+ Esc

The List of Access Key for site sections are as follow:

0 – Home
1 – Trace a Relative
2 – The Regiments
3 – Museum
4 – Chapel
5 – Shop
6 – Contact
7 – Links
8 – Newsletter
9 – Accessibility Help