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Royal Ulster Rifles: www.royalirishrangers.co.uk/rifles

Royal Irish Fusiliers: www.royalirishrangers.co.uk/irish

UDR Association: www.udrassociation.org

The Royal Irish Regiment: www.royal-irish.com 

Somme Heritage Centre: www.irishsoldier.org

Army Museums Ogilby Trust: www.armymuseums.org.uk

Military Heritage of Ireland Trust: www.irishsoldiers.com

Royal Dragoon Guards: www.rdgmuseum.org.uk

The National Archives: www.nationalarchives.gov.uk

Commonwealth War Graves Commission: www.cwgc.org

British Army in the Great War of 1914-18: www.1914-1918.net

National Malaya and Borneo Veterans Association: www.nmbva-ulster.co.uk