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Your adventure will start at the oldest building on the island town, the 15th century Castle Keep, and as you journey around the town your tour will reveal historic barracks and forts, war memorials and monuments.

Discover where some of the soldiers and their families lived and follow in the footsteps of these local men around the world. Unique stories of battles near and far, campaigns in foreign lands and tales of valour will reveal how ordinary men done extraordinary deeds.

Listen to original recordings by the regimental bands or delve into snippets of humour and curious facts along the way, including the fate of the regimental mascot, a doe antelope from India called Fan, when it arrived in Enniskillen in the early 1880’s.

Your tour will include a visit to the Regimental Chapel in Saint Macartin’s Cathedral where you will experience the cathedral’s strong ties with the regiments.

The ‘Raised in Enniskillen’ virtual walking tour can be explored on a leisurely stroll around our beautiful island town or from the comfort of your favourite armchair. The tour route is approximately 2.5 kilometres long, and there are 17 Stops along the way, each one revealing unique stories and regimental connections.

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